Our Story

Twin Bridge Campground opened with 27 campsites in the summer of 1969 by Wilbur & Florence Mackey. At that time, the campground was a fully operational dairy farm and provided the opportunity for campers to watch agriculture in action. The Mackey family continued to operate the campground until the end of 2017.

The Quinby family purchased the 33-acre, 168-site campground in December of 2017. We are proud to continue the traditions of Twin Bridge Campground and look forward to camping with you!

The campground sits adjacent to the Cumberland Valley Antique Engine & Machinery Association grounds in St. Thomas & Hamilton Townships.

Our Story

In the summer of 2011, Randy and Edie were planning their wedding by the light of a campfire and lanterns. Randy was working at a campground in Southern New Jersey, and Edie was spending her summer off from teaching working at the boardwalk jewelry store. It was at that moment Randy realized that helping families make memories was his dream.

By August of 2017, that dream was getting closer to reality. Hearing about a campground going up for real estate auction by chance, he drove 2.5 hours from home to check it out. With no intention of actually being able to buy the property, things got a little interesting around noon on that Friday. If you’ve got some time to burn, ask around the neighborhood and you can get the full story, but we will save you from the details today. In case you are wondering, surprising your wife, while she holds your 10 month old son, by quitting your job, selling the house, and buying a campground – is well, a good time!

In short, by December of 2017, the Quinby family took the reins from the Mackey family, whose parents started the campground in 1969. Twin Bridge Campground is well known in these parts; many local families spent the summer along the beautiful creek over the years. Now, we are privileged to have second and third generation campers enjoying the same country air, refreshing creek, and gorgeous sunsets with their loved ones. We are family built, family owned, and here for family fun. Simple as that!

Keep Traditions & Make New Memories